Blackjack Game Rules

In blackjack, the player and the dealer compare the points of the cards in their hands. If the blackjack does not exceed the blackjack, whoever is closer wins, where A can be counted as 1 point or 11 points, and K, Q, J and 10 are all It counts as 10 points, and 1-9 is counted according to the number of points on the card. Before the game starts, the player places a bet. The dealer will issue two bright cards, and he will have one bright card and one hidden card. After the cards are dealt, the player can choose to continue to ask for cards, suspend cards, and Double raise or split, and then the dealer will continue to take the cards until 17 points or higher, and sometimes even burst, that is, the points exceed 21 points. There are three outcomes in the game. The banker or player wins, or it may be a tie, and the bet is returned to the player. For the player, the best case is that the example card is A and 10 points. At this time, the casino usually gives a high odds of around 2:3. read more